Gap between cell elements in a pattern

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 Area: Cells
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 Original Author:Alessandra Fugazzi, Bentley Technical Support Group


Problem Description

When creating cells for patterns, it can happen that when the cell is placed as a pattern, there are gaps between the different cells that have been placed.

Steps to Resolve

A cell that represents irregular blocks has been created. If this cell is placed manually every time, the blocks are displayed properly:

If this Cell is used to pattern an area, you will notice that there are gaps between the different blocks:

If the cells are placed with their range, it is possible to see that there are no actual gaps within the cell itself but the elements do not connect. If the Cells are placed manually, the elements that form the cells overlap. If the Cells are placed as patterns they do not overlap.

To solve this issue, the correct range for this cell needs to be re-created: the correct range of the cell can be created by placing vertical and horizontal lines using the key points of an element and key points of the elements in the nearest repeated pattern; ideally, these lines cut the least number of elements:

To get rid of the extra lines the command Trim Multiple can be used. Once the range has been re-created following these criteria, there are no more gaps when placing the Cell as pattern


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