"Stress Isometrics are only available with Nuclear or Advanced edition" - Bentley AutoPIPE message

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Area: Isometric
Original Author:Bentley Technical Support Group
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& Current Version
Aug. 2015


The following is displayed when trying to save a stress isometric drawing 

Bentley AutoPIPE
Stress Isometrics are only available with Nuclear or Advanced edition.

Why does this occur and how to avoid it?


Starting with AutoPIPE V8i and higher, Stress Iso no longer requires a separate license, The ability to create a stresses isometric is now only available if using AutoPIPE Advance or Nuclear edition. Otherwise the message above will be displayed and a stress isometric drawing will not be created.


Change the edition of AutoPIPE from Standard to Advance or Nuclear, use File> License Configuration> select Advance or Nuclear radio button.

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