Create iModel from ProjectWise Design Integration

You can map design files stored in ProjectWise Design Integration with an iModel and synchronize changes. For that, you need to choose ProjectWise Design Integration as a data source.


To process ProjectWise documents, theses product will need to be installed and configured:

Note: The Web Service Gateway URL should be publicly accessible from the internet. It is required for the Azure service to reach out to it and pull files from it.

Design applications must be installed in the same machines where the WSG server. For example, MicroStation should be installed if the workspace is using its files. It is important to open MicroStation at least once in a machine. After opening it, specific required files will be created.

  1. Go to Administration > iModel Importer and click New.

  2. Enter the project Name, then check the box to Set up this iModel for scheduling service. This will prepare the iModel to be opened from SYNCHRO 4D and set up a scheduling repository for collaborative workflows.

Note: Do NOT upload an .sp file – if you upload an .sp file, you will not be able to use the iModel Connections.

  1. Click Create. After the iModel container is created, you will see it is marked Primary and 4DPrimary marks the first iModel created and 4D identifies that the Set up this iModel for scheduling servicehas been enabled and is the Model that will be opened by SYNCHRO 4D.

    NOTEWhile a SYNCHRO Control project supports multiple iModels, only one iModel at a time can be set up for scheduling service.

  2. Click the meatball menubutton on the iModel container, then choose Connections.

  3. Click Create Connection.

  4. You will be prompted to indicate where the model files are stored. Select ProjectWise data source.

NOTE: Turning on the Individual file connector will allow various application files to be synchronized within a single connection. You can specify a connector required to process any individual file.

Note: In some cases separate connection are purposely made based on disciplines (Mechanical, Electrical). This way if certain discipline design files are updated, individual connections can be updated instead or one large connection.

  1. Next, add your ProjectWise URL, Data source and Work Area.

  2. Select only the composite models – all reference files will be processed automatically, then Click Next.

  3. If the Individual file connectors wasn’t turned on and there are models from multiple file types (e.g. DGN and RVT), a connection can only be made for the same file type. You will need to create a separate connection for each file type.

  4. Select the file that contains the desired geographic coordinate system for the project and click Next orclick Skip to use the first found geocoordinate system for the entire iModel. For more details about geolocation in iModels, see this article.

  1. Select the Connector type from the drop-down based on the model source program and click Next.

  2. Enter a Connection name and decide how frequently you would like the design files to be Synchronized to the iModel. Scheduled synchronizations will make sure that the latest version of the files in the data source are synced to the iModel. You may set schedule to Initiate Manually if you wish to update the iModel manually when a design file update is available.

  3. Click Create. After the connection is created, the model files are not yet Synchronized to the iModel. To do this the first time, click on the meatball menu button on the right and choose Synchronize.

  4. Once synchronization is complete you will see the Status of the synchronization.

  5. If the project contains additional file types or you want to create connections based on disciplines, you will need to set up additional connections. To do this, select the project name in the navigation breadcrumbs (or select Connections from the iModel menu in SYNCHRO Control > Administration > iModel importer).

  6. From there, press Newand repeat the above steps.

  7. When the Last sync status shows Succeeded (this may take a few hours depending on the size of the model), return to SYNCHRO Control to complete the setup.

  8. In Administration > iModel Importer, the status will be displayed.

  9. When the blue status bar stops moving and synced is shown under the iModel name with a timestamp, the iModel will be ready to view. If the set up this iModel for scheduling service option, we activated the model will now be viewable in 4D Pro.