04. Dynamic Time history analysis results are 0.00 in AutoPIPE output report, why?

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Dynamic Time history analysis results are 0.00 in AutoPIPE output report, 



In this case, it appears that the THL files with the model were manually generated by the user and some data may be miss-aligned. Following the steps below would resolve the issue and analysis can be performed with good results: 

      1. Open the model archive
      2. Launch the Time History Location dialog (Load > Time History Location)
      3. Open [time history load name] , ex. CASE1, from the drop down, press OK on the warning message (Shown below) :

        Incorrect Data
        Time history load data is from another system

        and then press OK on the Time History Location dialog

      4. Repeat step 3 for any additional Time history locations in the model , ex. CASE2 and CASE3,
      5. Analyze the model without making any further changes 
      6. Open Result Grid to review results for Time History results

After performing the steps above, results are now being displayed:

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