Update 6 - Version - 18 Oct. 2022

The table below lists the fixes and enhancements in sisNET CONNECT Edition Update 6, with version number, released on October 18, 2022. Update 6 was built on PowerPlatform and OpenCities Map

The table is sorted on ID; note that some ID fields contain multiple or blank values.

IDNew Change Bug Description
098494 XsisNET: Editing the list of predefined cards in the batch plot tool is now possible.
098500X sisNET: with the new (700.21) attribute characteristic, an attribute that is 'non-editable' can be released for a template transfer. (Previously, when creating an object under the forms mask function 'Data Transfer...' such attributes are not taken into account)
     { {0, 600, 0}, "WST"},
     { {0, 700, 1}, "0"}, /*not editable*/
     { {0, 700, 2}, "Material"},
     { {0, 700, 4}, "%20s"}, { {0, 700,14}, "NULL"},
     { {0,700, 21}, "1"},/* Attribute released for template transfer*/
     { {0, 600, 0}, "WSTZUS"},
     { {0, 700, 1}, "0"}, /*not editable*/
     { {0, 700, 2}, "Material Additive"},
     { {0, 700, 4}, "%20s"},
     { {0, 700,14}, "NULL"},
     { {0,700, 21}, "1"},/* Attribute released for template transfer*/
542772X sisNET: When configuring the TRQS module, it is now possible to select object types from all commodities. If this option is not needed, the variable "SISNET_TRQS_DISABLEALLOBJECTS" can be set.
706524 XsisNET:  OU iModelPublisher change existing configuration
789713 XsisNET: The error when undoing an object processing after closing and reopening a job has been fixed.
801667 XsisNET: the sorting of the values in the SELECTION window by clicking on the header is now possible again. The error in the sorting of the relationship objects has been fixed.
801974 X sisNET: With OpenGis storage, the specification of the MS_Angle in the _GEOM table for texts is now rounded to 3 decimal places.
801974 X sisNET: When saving cells/labels in OpenGIS, the angle values are now stored with 3 decimal places.
807055 XsisNET: The cause of a crash when displaying a selection has been removed.
810652 XsisNET: The bug in the OpenGIS storage of very small geometries of type Complex Shape, which contain arc-shaped elements in the perimeter, has been fixed.
812484 XsisNET: The crash when creating statistics about a selection has been fixed.
813457 XsisNET: During the actions "Delete objects in the fence" and "Lock objects in the fence", an incorrect question was corrected.
813576 XsisNET: In table N_FS_OBJ_BESCHINFO_KATALOG, the label name from the configuration is now completely contained even if it contains spaces.
816519 XsisNET: The bug in the OpenGIS storage when class and object type have identical Id values has been fixed.
816953X sisnet: If an object attribute in the exp file contains a line break, the import aborted. During the export, the line break is now replaced with a token ' ' and during the import the token is converted back into a line break.
823378X sisNET: The new environment variable 'SISNET_REPORT_XSLFILE' allows you to define an XSL file for output in Standard Report. The variable takes precedence over the previous stored values in SisSettings (N_SET_TOPICS table). If multiple XSL files are used for different XSLT transformations, the new environment variable 'SISNET_DIR_XSL' can be used.
830322 XsisNET: The incorrect entries in the point tools in the sisNET Ribbon have been corrected.
852205 XsisNET: The error message in the Object Editor for the case of an unset mandatory attribute has been corrected.
863433 XsisNET: Running UPDOBJ on objects of the currently loaded job returned an error after the editing was complete - "The process cannot access the file xxx...". This bug has been fixed.
863459 X sisNET: The sisNET setting 'max. number of new references without progress display' under Tools --> settings --> limits allows the display of the progress bar already from a value of 1. (default value = 20) This would prevent the 'freezing' of the screen even when referencing files of a few sizes. Alternatively, the environment variable 'SISNET_MAX_REFFILESBEFOREBAR' can be used.
864842 XsisNET: In Object Editor, the message output has been corrected. A message added by a macro defined in the configuration is now displayed correctly again.
865024 XsisNET: Deleting object types from Open Gis storage in Oracle 19 has been accelerated.
870057 XsisNET: In OpenGis storage of complex cells (cells containing cells), the style information is extracted from the first contained element, analogous to the treatment of simple cells. If this element is a cell, this resulted in incorrect style information (all values on the default value 0 or 255). Now the values are extracted from the first element of the first daughter cell.
875938 XsisNET: i-Models were generated incorrectly if sisNET object types contained temporary attributes defined in the configuration (attributes starting with "_"). This has been corrected.
875981 X PrintPrepTextEdit-Tool: Sometimes the input of a text in the tool dialog is severely delayed. To correct this, the new environment variable PPREPTEXTEDIT_KeystrokePreviewDelay can be used to delay the preview update. If PPREPTEXTEDIT_KeystrokePreviewDelay = 1, an update of the preview is only carried out after one second after the input is stopped. With PPREPTEXTEDIT_KeystrokePreviewDelay = 2, the update is performed after 2 seconds.
878920 XsisNET Tools: During database update, the value "-" is entered in the table N_FS_OBJ_BESCHINFO_KATALOG in the TEXT column if the label info row of the configuration does not contain a parameter for the label text.
879038 X sisNET: If the creation of an object is deactivated via configuration setting {{0, 10, ACTION_NEW_ELEM}, "1, ..."} this is communicated to the user via a user-friendly message.
879056 XsisNET: Various spelling errors in sisNET messages have been fixed.
881602 X sisNET: With OpenGIS storage, the values for angles of cells and texts are now stored with 6 decimal places.
882233 X sisNET: To improve the accuracy of cell alignment, the values of the variable GRAFIK_WINKEL are now stored internally at 6 decimal places.
883628 XsisIMS-SVG plot: the RGB color determination of the SVG plot driver has been corrected. 
884422 XsisNET: When using the batch function EXECSQLFILE, crashes could occur if a single SQL command exceeded the character length of 2000. The MDL database interface used in sisNET limits a SQL statement to 2000 characters. In order to avoid such problems in the future, a check for the maximum length of a command has been inserted.
884430 X sisNET: storing Texts in OpenGis storage, the columns MS_X_SCALE and MS_Y_SCALE in the table _GEOM_BEST  now contain the extent of the entire text. Previously, the values stood for a single letter.
884595 XsisNET: During detail generation, cut lines were created as element type LINE if they contained only the beginning and end points but no intermediate points. However, since it is not possible to move vertexes with LINE elements, all linear elements are now created as LINE_STRING again.
885250 XsisNET: The dimension lines of clamping dimensions can be moved again with the "Move vertex" function.
886563 XsisNET: When moving dimension lines with the sisNET function "Move point", the underlining of the measures received the currently set transparency and priority. This has been corrected.
888263 X sisNET: The macro function MODPART changes priority and transparency for individual elements of a cell now even if the cell header already has the desired values.
888830 X sisNET: The first setting (flag 'nodoit') of the configuration entry {{0, 10, ACTION_NEW_ELEM}, "1, ..."} is now taken into account when creating. A value of 1 disables the creation of the object.
908994 XsisNET: When creating a waste water pipe, the flow direction arrow was placed incorrectly. The error is now corrected.
909991X  sisNET: in the configuration (CONFIG. R) additionally defined user-specific searches are now also integrated into Ribbon.
Note 1: The special features of the ribbon integration do not allow '_' characters in the name of the search definition. Therefore, these should be replaced with normal '-' characters.
So far (V8i):
{ {0, DFLT_SIS_SEARCHFOR,1}, "über_mslink; ADR,MSLINK},
{ {0, DFLT_SIS_SEARCHFOR,2}, "über_mslink2; STR,MSLINK},
New (CE):
{ {0, DFLT_SIS_SEARCHFOR,1}, "über-mslink; ADR,MSLINK},
{ {0, DFLT_SIS_SEARCHFOR,2}, "über-mslink2; STR,MSLINK},
Note 2: a maximum of 5 user-specific searches are allowed for ribbon integration.
913757X sisNET: To enable a gradual introduction of the Object Editor, object types whose attributes are to be displayed with the OE can be marked in the FS. For this purpose, the line {0, 9, 1} must be used. (usually line {0, 9, 0} only specifies the module for the graphic). In addition, the SISNET_USE_OBJECTEDITOR environment variable must be set to 2. (if SISNET_USE_OBJECTEDITOR is set to 1, OE is used for all object types) Note: if relationship objects are called from the respective tool (FORMS or OE), they will be displayed with the same tool, regardless of the FS flag.
913789 XsisNET: It is now possible to restart the i-model generation without restarting the whole sisNET project. 
914160 XsisNET: When creating i-models, objects with textual main graphics were not handled correctly. This has been corrected.
924543 XsisNET: When using the option "Create parallel to the element" of the graphics module LFO, on slow machines the process might be blocked if in quick succession a third point was clicked after the required two clicks. This bug has been fixed.
930174XsisNET: The creation of reports on granted authorizations with the help of the sisManager is possible again.
930536XsisNET: If the creation of an object via the FS setting {{0, 10, ACTION_NEW_ELEM}, "1,...."} is deactivated and the creation is started via the command "WERK CREATE", the user receives a user-friendly message.
930577X sisNET: The text of the ribbon entry "Search for coordinates" has been renamed to "Search by coordinate table" to avoid misunderstandings.
930593XsisNET: When moving a clamping dimension with the sisNET function "Move Point", the dimension text was given the active priority setting. This has been corrected.
932049X sisNET: the function EXECSQLFILE now returns 0 (= successful execution) or -1 (= error).
934747XsisNET: For object types that use numeric display attributes, the forms mask did not open in some cases. The message center output the message "DB table does not contain field _XXX". This error has been corrected.
935382X sisIMS-SAP: when sisIMS is closed, the SapGuiHelper console application is automatically closed. 
935383 X sisIMS-SAP: the SAP login window now opens in the foreground.  
935679 X sisNET: With OpenGis storage, the values MS_X_SCALE and MS_Y_SCALE for cells and texts are now stored with 4 decimal places.
936298 XsisNET: When deleting an end dimension line, the double underscore of the new end dimension line now receives the correct priority.
948538X sisNET Tools: The values of the BREITE and HOEHE columns of the DB table N_FS_OBJ_BESCHINFO_KATALOG will be stored with 3 decimal places.
948542X sisNET Tools: The DB table N_FS_OBJ_BESCHINFO_KATALOG has been extended by the column USPARTE for the sub commodity ID (info field 3 of the type 30 row).
948766X sisNET Tools: The Text column of the DB table N_FS_OBJ_BESCHINFO_KATALOG stores label names without leading spaces.
969346XsisNET: For saved selections containing several SQL commands, only the first one was executed. This has been corrected.
987937XsisNET: When transferring graphics with UMLIN, the first point was not adopted correctly and macros 101 were executed with errors. This has been corrected.
665796, 711288X sisIMS-SAP: the 'IEHosting' technology previously used for the sisIMS-SAP coupling was limited to the Ie11 browser and is therefore obsolete.  The new approach uses a console application that communicates with the sisIMS client via WebSockets. See details in chapter 'sisIMS-SAP coupling as of version'.
tically closed. 
665796, 711288X sisIMS-SAP: the 'IEHosting' technology previously used for the sisIMS-SAP coupling was limited to the Ie11 browser and is therefore outdated.  The new approach uses a console application that communicates with the sisIMS client via WebSockets. With the start page and SAP coupling (AllowSap) enabled, the application is started automatically. For configuration several 'template.config' files have to be adapted.
772030, 804356   XsisNET: The crash when exporting data with the help of the HR module has been fixed.