Q. How to run a basic test in AutoPIPE to confirm the application is installed and functioning corre


Perform the following

Note: procedure was developed using AutoPIPE but will apply to v. 10.x and higher. If using AutoPIPE v.9.x and lower choose menu equivalent options).

1. Start AutoPIPE

a. Select Windows Start button

b. Select Bentley Engineering

c. Select Bentley AutoPIPE application

2. Open Example model (WalkThru.dat)

a. Select File ribbon

b. Choose Example drop down arrow

c. Choose Archive (*.APC)

d. At the bottom of the listing choose "WALKTHRU_Archive.APC" and press Open button. 

The model should now open:

3. Run Static analysis

a. Select Analysis ribbon

B. Choose Static command

4. Confirm Results Grids displays correctly

a. Select Results ribbon

B. Choose Results Grids command

in a moment the results grids should appear, select each of the tabs to be sure that results are available for review

Example: Code Stress tab should show values and a color plot of the indicated Stress

5. Create a complete Model Input Listing

a. Select Results ribbon

B. Choose Input Listing command

b. Choose all sub reports options as shown below:

Press OK button to create the report

 6. Create a complete Results Output report

a. Select Results ribbon

b. Choose Output Report command

b. Choose all sub reports options as shown below:

Press OK button to create the report

7. Create a Stress Isometric


1.Only perform this step if using AutoPIPE Advanced or Nuclear license

2. Confirm that OPIM or AutoCAD is installed before continuing. These are separate application that are installed outside of AutoPIPE.

a. Select File ribbon

b. Choose Save Stress Isometric command

c. Select the appropriate "Save As Type" from drop down selection and press Save Button

d. Make selection as shown below:

Plot Tab

Separate Tables Tab

Context Tables


e. Press OK button 2x to continue. 

Note: Processing a drawing may take a little time, while the Stress Isometric utility is running, do not touch the application, be patient and let the program process the drawing.

f. The following will be displayed for the user to know that the model has been processed into a Stress Isometric drawing

g. Press OK button to continue. 

In a moment the Iso Viewer application selected in the previous dialog should automatically open and display the new drawing, as shown below.

 8. Save AutoPIPE APC file

a. Select File ribbon

b. Choose Save As command

c. Choose Archive (*.APC) at the bottom of the listing.

d. When the next screen appears, press Save button

e. Confirm that all check boxes are enabled and press OK button

9. Done

At this point if all has gone well you have proven, the program is installed and working as expected.