RAM Elements Learning Resources

RAM Elements is a finite element-based general analysis program with an integrated design toolkit. In RAM Elements, you can design complex three dimensional structures or individual structural components. In the RAM Elements main application, a model is built by entering information, such as properties or loading, into a series of data sheets. RAM Elements also has design and detailing modules to assist you in the design and detailing of isolated beams, footings, walls, trusses, or connections. These Learning Resources will help you quickly find training materials and wiki articles related to your analysis and design workflow in RAM Elements.

Getting Started in RAM Elements

Learn how to model structures in RAM Elements, including how to create and define properties for the following objects:

Generating Wind Loads in RAM Elements

Learn how to generate wind loads according to the ASCE 7 Main Wind Force Resisting System for the following structure types in RAM Elements:

Designing Structures in RAM Elements

Learn how to design the following types of structures in RAM Elements: