Red insertion point arrows visible on exported DWG

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Problem Description

On DWG files resulting from exporting project pages, the red arrows representing symbol insertion points are visible and cannot be turned off or deleted. 


This behavior occurs when File > Export > DGN, DWG, DXF is used to create the DWG files.

Steps to Resolve


  1. In [[Project Manager]], select the pages to be exported.
  2. Select Project Manager > File > Export To DWG.
  3. Specify a destination folder in the Export To field.
  4. Specify a DWG version.
  5. Click OK.

Bentley Substation, or to export project pages to DXF format

  1. From the main pull down menus select Utilities > Batch Converter.
  2. On the Batch Convert dialog, set Default Output Format to DWG or DXF as desired.
  3. Click the tool bar button that has the tool tip Add Files or Directories to Convert on Batch Convert and add the DGN files from the project's folder.
  4. Back on the Batch Convert dialog, confirm that the To column displays the desired format (DWG or  DXF) for all the files, correct if necessary. Note the Destination path.
  5. Click the button that has the tool tip Process Batch Convert Job.
  6. Click the Convert button on the resulting dialog.
  7. Click the Done button when finished.

See Also

[[Batch Convert project pages to DWG]]

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